Saturday, January 17, 2009

Release Checklist for Aphpkb

The purpose of this post is two-fold, a personal checklist for me when I'm about to release a new version of Aphpkb - there are a few minor tweaks and changes (including the new blog for announcements), and for the interested Aphpkb blog reader, a quick overview of the steps I will make to release a new version.

This checklist is also an indication I will be releasing soon.

Pre-Release Config

Line 2:
define ('KBINSTALL' ,'0');
{Review Default Settings}

Pre-Release Documentation

{Pre-pend Version Changes}

{Replace Version Changes}
{Review Install Guide}

Pre-Release File Review
{Delete Unused and Backup Copies of Files}
{Empty Attach directory}

Create Compressed Files
  • tgz
  • zip 
Sourceforge (hosted)
Upload Files
Create New Release

Sourceforge (web)
Update Release File - creates new Download Link
Update Changelog.html
Update Changelog.txt
{Review Install Guide on}

Post-Release Announcements
{Review Install Guide on}

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