Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aphpkb 0.93.6 Release

This release includes a fix for deleting pending articles.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Trying out a new IDE, Aphpkb Status and future ideas

Dev-PHP Project Page

Even in a small project like Aphpkb there are times in which organising and searching multiple files in a project can be handy, especially for wholesale changes, such as the change of a variable used in a group of scripts (for example: $fileid).

This week I am trying out Dev-PHP and so far I have been impressed by the IDE's features and ease of use - I am hoping to make a full change to the mysql class for the mysql connections - and I've felt I'd need more than an editor for the task - if only for the task feature to keep track of my changes.

Long time readers might wonder if I might be giving up on SciTE, the scintilla editor - the answer is a definite 'nope' - it's still my favourite - but I like to keep an 'open mind' and increasing my tools will hopefully make me more versatile and ultimately more efficient.

Aphpkb Status

I am currently finalising 0.93.6 - with a fix for deleting pending articles - there have been some standing issues with the install wizard with some unexpected results if the database has not been created prior to registering the admin account - I maybe using more emphasis in the readme and step 5 pages.


* some form of captcha on author registration
* simpler css layout/s
* follow-up articles (link from article view)

If you have any other ideas for Aphpkb, please let us know:  feedback@aphpkb.org

Friday, March 13, 2009

Aphpkb Release 0.93.5

This release includes improvements to the installation wizard and fixes for the admin login.

Both .zip and .tgz files are available for download:


Any Feedback on Aphpkb welcome: feedback@aphpkb.org